SCHWIND SIRIUS is the latest, brilliant, new computerized device instrument using the revolutionary 3
Dimensional, rotating Scheimpflug camera, combined with a computerized Placido disc developed to
enhance and refine the results of Lasik, to achieve a new level of accuracy.

This new computerized device maps the front and back of the cornea with sensational, never before,
achieved, accuracy. The device is contact-free, and does the readings in less than a second ( 700 milliseconds
to be exact), instantly analyzing over a 100,000 points on the cornea, not only the front but even the back of
the cornea giving a very detailed finite map of the cornea.

It delivers a heightened new level of sophisticated diagnostic information enabling a complete corneal,
anterior chamber, right up to the human lens,  combining with it a corneal wavefront computation, which
enables the Amaris laser via a data link to give a superlative , very accurate result.

This device, in addition to managing lasik very well is ideal for evaluation of corneal problems like keratoconus,
and corneal irregularities and even corneal grafts to enable very accurate and safe results.

SCHWIND rotating Scheimpflug camera and a 3D topography device ., the Sirius, with Placido disc
automatically detecting the anterior segment by a rotating automatic measurement in less than a second  
enabling a new level of detailed diagnostic analysis of the entire cornea and anterior eye segment.

The data is then collated with the corneal topography measurements to give a master computerized map
which is then used to design a very special and specific treatment for each individual cornea

THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SHACK-HARTMANN ABERROMETER The “abberometer” which send waves through the
eye to provide a very exact calculation of the actual power of the eye, the night adapted pupil size and  
generates an even more precise map of the aberrations that are affecting your vision. Once known the
machine calculates exactly what is needed to give a clear visual abberation free result.