Advanced: The SCHWIND AMARIS is a superfast excimer laser with a 0.54 mm Super Gaussian profile at true
500 Hz repetition rate.

It is the first laser to have dual and automatic fluence adjustment (high and low fluence levels accordingly
with the planned correction). The first laser  with a 1050 Hz turbo eyetracker considering static and dynamic
cyclotorsion and detection of both iris and limbus.

Multifunctional: Can perform “Aberration-Free” treatments, ocular wavefront treatments, corneal
wavefront treatments.

Accurate View: There is a high resolution stereoscopic microscope, slit focusing illumination integrated a slit
lamp and dual operating systems.

Reliable: The particle aspiration system gives a totally stable climate around the eye that makes the system
fully independent from the environmental conditions and air flow, a bugbear with all the older model lasers
which simply use vacuum.

Intelligent: The Amaris uses three high powered computer with built-in features that make this machine
very smart and user friendly, with software that is very advanced giving a perfect correction.

Safe: The knowledge, the experience and the results of thousands of cases with the SCHWIND-CAM
software, are used and built into the SCHWIND AMARIS profiles. This means exceptional results even in very
demanding difficult cases