The most advanced technology in LASIK - True Wavefront guided Lasik

The best way to understand Wavefront technology is to imagine different faces of different people. No two faces are exactly identical (even in
twins). Everyone’s face is different in shape and form. Your eyes are different in an identical way. Every pair of eyes are different in shape, size,
curvature, and optics. One type or pattern of laser would not be sufficient in fully correcting everyone’s refractive errors.

Wavefront technology is a way to individualize or customize laser treatment for each individual eye based on unique visual characteristics.

What exactly is Wavefront Customization?
How does it lead to SuperVision?
Near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism, the three inputs in your spectacle data, are referred to as “lower order aberration.”
In addition to these, our eyes have complex “higher order aberrations” that are not correctable with glasses or contact lenses. These higher-
order aberrations, are often linked to the visual glare and halos that cause night vision problems and can affect quality of vision.

Studies of the eye's Wavefront aberrations in a normal population have showed significant amounts of higher order aberrations (HOA) apart
from conventional sphere and cylinder. This indicates that correcting HOA even in normal eyes can provide additional visual benefit over
conventional correction methods such as spectacles and contacts. Not only was there significant visual benefit of correcting HOA in normal
eyes under normal viewing (white light) condition but Contrast sensitivity, ideal for driving in twilight or seeing in dusk, was also improved.
Literally, you develop vision better than you ever had, which is termed “SuperVision”.

How is Ultimate Waveform LASIK carried out?
In Ultimate Waveform LASIK, higher order aberrations are first diagnosed and measured using a special instrument called Shack-Hartmann
Wavefront analyzer. (Also termed Abberometer for short) which generates a Wavefront map. This Wavefront map is created by bouncing
harmless light rays off the patient’s retina. Results are then fed into a complex computation algorythm program, which calculates a enhanced
ablation profile that not only attempts to retain the natural, physiologic shape of the cornea but also aims to remove any previous aberrations
within a patient's eye.

The calculations also enhance the speed of the laser, thus shortening the surgery time providing greater patient comfort and increased

Ultimate Waveform LASIK also utilizes a specialized laser algorithm called Optimization is used to retain the natural physiologic shape of the
patient’s cornea. Thus the surgeon personalizes the surgery to adjust for the natural shape, thickness, and prescription of each patient’s eye.

Ultimate LASIK combines the benefits of both Optimization and Wavefront and often provides the best opportunity for superior vision through
customized treatment to cater to each patient’s individual visual system.

Ultimate Waveform LASIK is the most advanced procedure currently available. It combines both Wavefront Customization and Optimization to
provide the best possible results.

1. Significantly enhances the quality & crispness of vision.
2. Enhances peripheral (side) vision by   automatically compensating for curvature changes sharpening the 180 degree zone of vision.
3. Night vision problems like glare and flare virtually eliminated even in the higher powers.