More About LASIK


LASIK is an ambulatory procedure; you walk into the surgery center, have the procedure done and walk out. In fact, the actual surgery usually takes less than a minute, and you’re awake the whole time. Most people don’t feel any pain during LASIK surgery. Your eyes are first anesthetized with special drops.

The doctor will have you lie down, then make sure your eye is positioned directly under the laser. (One eye at a time.) A kind of spring retainer is placed over your eye to keep your eyelids open —normally, this is not uncomfortable. The next step is a stabilizing suction ring that keeps your eye steady for preparing the corneal flap.

The ring is positioned and the new Pendular microkeratome will automatically make the flap in simply6 seconds. You feel nothing except for a slight vibration. You will be asked to look at a target light for a short time while the doctor watches your eye through a microscope while the laser sends pulses of light to your cornea. The Schwind Laser is equipped with a very fast eye tracker that follows your eye even if it moves.

The laser light pulses will then painlessly remove the tissue. You’ll hear a steady buzzing sound as the laser is operating. It takes only 3 seconds per number. The surgeon has full control of the laser. After the procedure is finished, a Plano contact lens is placed on the eye, usually removed the next day. You will rest for a little while before doing the second eye. Customarily both eyes have done on the same day.

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