Different LASIK Procedures

Optimized LASIK

Optimized LASIK at Mehta International Eye Institute and Super Vision Laser Center uses a specialized laser calculation or algorithm, inbuilt into the Orco Wave Lasik software called Optimization to retain the natural shape of the patient’s cornea even after it is reshaped to correct the power or imperfections on the cornea.

During this procedure, the surgeon ‘personalizes the surgery to compensate for the natural shape, thickness, and prescription of each patient’s eye.

What does ‘Optimization’ really do?

Optimization is the process of modifying a system to make it work more efficiently, executing the program more rapidly with a higher level of accuracy. The procedure of LASIK surgery has the potential of creating visual aberrations by flattening the shape of a patient’s central comea. Production or continuance of these ocular aberrations can result in decreased quality and sharpness (or crispness) of vision and night vision problems, such as glare and haloes.

Optimization is the key to enhancing the quality of vision as it uses a specialized computer algorithm-guided laser pattern in order to maintain the natural bell-shaped curve of your eye. By retaining the natural shape of the comea. Optimized LASIK has been shown to provide a better quality of vision than conventional LASIK and reduces the frequency of glare complications after surgery.


  1. Maintains natural physiologic corneal shape
  2. Enhances quality of vision
  3. Significantly reduced chance of night vision problems, such as glare and haloes
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