Other Facilities

The Mehta International Eye Institute (MIEI) has the most advanced, comprehensive list of equipment, making it the foremost center for Ophthalmology in Asia.

Comprehensive eye examination

This is used for spectacle refraction. Usage of the technique of evaluating spectacles. The most significant advantage of phoropter is fast refraction once the axis is set up.

(Topcon 8000E. Japan)

This unit automatically computes the spectacle power of the eye and at the same time computes the exact axis and the amount of astigmatism. It also assesses the pupillar distance, thus enabling that the glasses are set perfectly in the frames.

The Slit Lamp Biomicroscope, (Topcon : Japan)

Eye to be magnified and examined in great. The slit enables the front of the eye to be examined layer. Using special lenses even the retina can be seen under high magnification.

It is very essential that the intraocular pressure or IOP be glaucoma (raised IOP) is not developing. evaluation of the pressure with a high level of accuracy.


Ophthalmoscope (Heine Germany)

in detail. There are two types of ophthalmoscopes, direct, where one sees the retina directly, used and the Indirect Ophthalmoscope, head-mounted, which uses a special lens to enable the retina to be examined up to the extreme periphery.

Computerized Lensometer (Topcon Japan)

Computes the power of the spectacles the patient is wearing and as to whether the spectacle power the proper pupillary distance can be computed with this instrument which has exceptional accuracy.

Contrast Sensitivity Testing (Vector Vision USA)

In lens opacity (cataracts), utilizing the Pelli Robson charts with a grating system the doctor can tell how cataracts would be ready for removal. They also predict, early glaucomatous damage and other retinal conditions.

Ultrascan (Alcon USA)

In the presence of a mature cataract or vitreous be seen. Ultrasound tells you the position of the retina and looks for retinal detachment or if there are opacities or foreign bodies. The Ultrascan is very high-resolution equipment that can accurately show the changes.

Specular Non-Contact Computerized Microscopy (Topcon Japan)

A sophisticated non-contactmicroscope that can, with high magnification, auto-focus on the fine endothelial to evaluate their function and status. Very important for evaluating if the patient can withstand cataract surgery or surgery. Essentially a computer that computes the ball and the curvature of the eye, and even the approx area where the lens will finally stabilize in the eye.

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