Mehta International Eye Institute is fully equipped to diagnose and accurately measure all types and degrees of squints.

We are also proud to have a panel of well-trained Strabsmologists, as well as the surgical equipment for the surgical correction of squint.

Synaptophore (Clement Clark. UK)

This helps to measure squint, as well as treat minor degrees of squint and in Amblyopia Prism bars help to measure the exact amount of squint and is a par excellence exercise tool to decrease squint even without surgery.


Maddox Wing (Clement Clark. UK)

Used to check imbalances in vertical and horizontal deviation.

RAF Binocular Rule (Clement Clark. UK)

This is used to verify the accommodative outplay of the eye. Hess Screen (B&H) used to verify the imbalances of muscles prior surgery and post surgery.


Cam Stimulator

 Stimulates an inadequately functional macula with a series of moving plates.

Tensiometer (Haag Street Switzerland)

Evaluates the tensional changes in the muscle and give exercise to relax.

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