Different LASIK Procedures

Premium LASIK

Premium LASIK is an economical but safe and effective method of treating near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism and has had excellent and satisfying results.

The refractive power of the patient is directly fed into the Laser. The Orca Wave software in the computer then refines the input to provide the best Aberration-free option to achieve an excellent result utilizing its extensive software library.

During the procedure, the laser resurfaces the comea, basically replacing the natural curve of the eye with the new calculated curve needed to give sharp vision without glasses or contact lenses. Utilizing the new Amaris Laser, Premium laser will give good reproducible results. It is a good blend of the economy with good results.

Premium LASIK results at MIEI are superior to treatments at many other LASIK centers, with 95% of our patients able to see the last line without recourse to glasses or contact lenses.

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